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Arming and Disarming Your Abode System

Want to arm or disarm your abode system? No problem. Here are some basic tips and things to look for when you're setting your alarm for home or away mode.

When arming the system, you should always check that all of the entry points into the home are secured and your doors and windows are closed.

Your abode gateway has 
an LED light that will flash and indicate what mode it is currently in:
  • Away Mode = Red LED flashes 1 time
  • Home Mode = Red LED flashes 4 times
  • Disarm Mode = Blue LED flashes 1 time

Using your abode keypad to arm or disarm your system

Let's look at your keypad keys and indicators to make using your abode keypad super simple:
BLUE LED: This indicates usage -- when any key is pressed, the blue LED will light up for 5 seconds, if nothing else is pressed, it will return to the sleep mode.

Status LED (Blue/Red): This LED will light up after the user performs a command or when the user presses the status request key.  When the status request key is pressed, the keypad will request the status from the gateway and flash the status response using the #2 Blue / Red LED.

Fault LED (Yellow): During an attempt to arm the system, if the #3 Yellow LED flashes, it means there is a fault in the system.

The fault could be:
  • One or more zones (doors or windows) are open. If there is a door opened when arming, you can force arm the system by quickly arming the system again within 10 seconds of the first attempt. If a door was left open, force arming will automatically bypass that door. If the door is closed while the system is armed, that door will then be protected by the system.
  • A device has lost connection to the gateway
  • AC power outage on the gateway
  • Tamper on the keypad or one of the devices could be triggered
To check for system faults, review the timeline of events on the web or mobile app.

 To arm a certain type of alarm via your abode keypad, use the following instructions:
  • Panic Alarm (if enabled) -press both 1 and 3 for 3 seconds.
  • Fire Alarm (if enabled) - press both 4 and 6 for 3 seconds.
  • Emergency Alarm (in enabled) - press both key 7 and 9 for 3 seconds. 

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