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Installing Your Door/Window Sensors

This guide will show you how to mount, test and pair abode door/window sensors. 

Steps include: 
  • Determining the optimal sensor location
  • Testing and mounting sensors
  • Pairing additional sensors purchased outside the starter kit
Sensor Overview Diagram
Be sure that the magnet and the sensor have no more than a one-inch gap between the two. 

STEP 1: Determining the optimal sensor location
  1. Determine the location where you want the sensors installed. Typically exterior doors are secured first. 
  2. Prior to installing the sensor, take a moment to inspect the location to ensure the sensor and the magnet will fit and accurately line up properly with each other. If the magnet is too far away from the sensor, the sensor will not detect when the door or window is opened or closed. The alignment dots must be as close as possible to each other and no more than 1” gap is preferred (see left side of diagram below).
  3. We recommend mounting the sensor portion on a fixed structure (such as door/window frame) and the magnet on the moving object (such as door, or window) as illustrated on the left side of the diagram below. In some cases the door frame is not level and the door frame protrudes further out than the surface of the door. In this instance, it may be necessary to place the magnet on the frame and the sensor on the door (see right side of diagram below). Do not install on a surface with peeling or cracked paint, as this could result in the sensor or magnet to fall off and damage the sensor and trigger the alarm if system armed.

STEP 2: Testing and Mounting Sensors

Clean the surface with a suitable non oil-based cleanser before placing the sensor and magnet on the selected location. 

  1. Slowly pull out the clear plastic battery Insulator tab located on the back of the sensor. Do not remove the protective film from the adhesive strips yet.
  2.  Enable the test feature on the sensor by pressing in the top of the sensor once. This will
    place the sensor in the test mode.
  3. Hold the magnet close to the sensor and align the magnet with the sensor using the alignment dots. As you move the magnet close to the sensor, you will notice that the red LED on the sensor will flash 6 times and then stop. When pulling the magnet away from the sensor the LED will flash 6 times to indicate the sensor is being activated by the magnet.
  4. The magnet must be placed in a position so that when the door opens or closes, the sensor will be activated. The LED light test will last for a period of 3 minutes then return to normal operation. The sensors LED light does not light up during normal operation.
  5. Now remove the protective film from the adhesive strip on the magnet and press it to the desired location.
  6. After the sensor and magnet are installed, place the sensor in the test mode again and make sure the sensor LED flashes when the door is opened and closed.
  7. Next, lock the door and shake the door to ensure that the LED does not flash.
When additional 2-sided tape is needed for sensors and device mounting, we recommend using Scotch 1" Extreme Mounting Tape. It’s a thin, non-foam tape that has good holding power in both high and low temperatures.

STEP 3: Pairing additional sensors purchased (optional)

Follow this guide to pair sensors that were not included in the starter kit. 

  1. Slowly pull out the clear plastic battery Insulator tab located on the back of the sensor. 
  2. Use the mobile or web app to add the devices to the gateway.
    1. Mobile App: Click Settings, then click Add New Device
    2. Web App: Click the + to the right of the word Devices.
  3. Following the guided instructions in the app.

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abode_Door-Window_sensor_guide_121515.pdf abode_Door-Window_sensor_guide_121515.pdf

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