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abode IFTTT Channel

IFTTT gives you creative control over popular applications, devices, and services that you use and love. With the abode channel, you can interact and control other channels on IFTTT to seamlessly integrate abode device statuses, alarm modes, and much more to other connected channels.

How It Works

IFTTT operates by connecting channels together with custom recipes that you define. Once you have an IFTTT account and an abode account, you can authorize the abode IFTTT channel to perform certain actions based on events that occur in your home. For example, if an alarm activates, you can instruct IFTTT to post to Facebook, send you a notification, or turn on your Hue Lightbulbs. It's totally up to you and can be setup with an easy point and click interface.

What You Need to Get Started

  1. An active abode account connected to a gateway / starter kit.
  2. An IFTTT Account
  3. Successfully link your account at IFTTT to grant access to both abode and IFTTT
Ready to Get Started?

Head to the abode channel at IFTTT by
clicking this link, and then click the blue "Connect" button. You can also see popular recipes that other users have created on this screen to get an idea on how to get started!

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