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Abode Indoor Siren Installation Guide

This guide provides information for the abode indoor siren & how to pair it with the abode gateway.

If you have had in issue when pairing the siren device with the gateway, simply unplug the siren from the AC outlet, making sure that the gateway is int the pairing mode using the other device option in the web app, then press the sirens clear pairing button 4 times, and the siren should show up on the pairing device pop up screen, then add it and name it. 

The abode indoor siren is AC powered with a rechargeable battery. It is capable of sounding its 95dB siren when the abode alarm system is activated. It can be plugged into any indoor AC power outlet.

1.Function Button/LED Indicator
  • Press and release to enter the pairing mode
  • LED flashes once when the button is pressed
  • LED continuous flash when the siren is under pairing mode or the system is in the alarming mode
2.Alarm volume and entry/exit beep sounds (refer to page 4 & 5)
  • Alarm siren volume is not adjustable
  • Entry / Exit / Arm / Home Arm / Disarm - These sounds (beeps) are defaulted to OFF. Sounds are user controllable from the web app, under the account tab on the left in system settings.

3.AC Connect - Plug into local wall AC outlet
Power Supply
The siren is powered by AC power; plug the siren into a power outlet to activate the siren. The siren will enter normal operation mode.
Battery backup 
There is a rechargeable battery inside the siren that serves as a backup in case of a power failure. During normal operation, AC power is used to power the siren and at the same time recharge its battery.
After AC power failure, the battery will provide power to the siren for 12 hours, then transmit a low battery signal to the gateway and send notifications. After AC is restored and battery is fully recharged, the siren will transmit a low battery restored notification to the gateway.

To pair the siren with the gateway
  1. Access the adobe web app at, and on the dash board page you will see the device list, on the top of this page click on the “+” Add device
  1. In the Add Device dialog, select the proper device from the list and follow the wizard.
  2. Plug the device into the AC outlet.
  3. Press and release the clear pairing button on the face of the device
  4. In 2-3 seconds, you will see the device show up in the Add Device dialog.
  5. Click Add and then follow the wizard to complete the pairing process.
  6. That’s it!  
After pairing the siren with the gateway, check the web app device list to ensure the siren has been included. If the siren did not pair with the gateway, unplug the siren from the wall and press the function button 4 time to see if it shows up on the pairing screen, then plug in back into the wall.

Alarm Activation
When an alarm is activated, the indoor siren will activate its buzzer and the LED indicator will flash continuously while the siren is alarming. If the gateway is disarmed, the siren will stop screaming, and if the gateway is not disarmed the siren will stop screaming after 3 minutes (auto cutoff).
Audio Status Indication
The siren will sound during an alarm for 3 minutes when activated.
  • For Burglar & Panic Alarm, the siren gives a steady alarm sound.
  • For Fire/Smoke, the siren gives an intermittent alarm sound of 2-second siren followed by a 1 second interval, cycling during the alarm duration.
  • The siren is silenced when either the 3 minute siren duration expires or when the gateway is disarmed.
While operating the system, the Siren emits different beeping sounds to distinguish various statuses for the user. See sound indications below. You can enable or disable this beep feature using the abode web app. The factory default volume for beeps is set off.
Armed away or Armed Home - 1 Beep
Disarmed - 2 Beeps
Previous alarm earning - 3 second alarm sound
Entry / Exit sound - Count down beeps

How do I control the sound and features on the indoor siren?
Access your abode web app at then click on the siren icon on the device list.
You will then see all of the functions and controls for the siren.



abode_indoor_Siren_RF_W-batt__061516.pdf abode_indoor_Siren_RF_W-batt__061516.pdf

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