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Abode Water Sensor Installation Guide (Older version)

This guide provides information on the abode water sensor and how to pair it with the abode gateway.

The Water Sensor can monitor water levels or the presence of water.
  • The gateway starts pulsing the siren and continues to sound until the sensor no longer detects moisture or until the gateway is disarmed. Use the web or mobile app to press disarm to silence the alarm.
  • If the sensor is triggered and the gateway is sounding the sirens, as soon as the sensor no longer senses water, the sirens will stop. 

Parts Identification
1- Red LED inside
2- Function button
3- Optional extension water sensor cable
4- Terminals for probe
5- Built in water sensor probes, used when setting on a flat surface horizontally on its base
6- Battery holder
You can use this horizontal installation method when locating the water sensor on the floor. Set the sensor on its back so the 3 probes touch the flat surface.
The optional extension cable probe can be used so that its prongs are touching the floor or the flat surface for water detection. To detect water levels, suspend the probe above the water level to the height that you consider to be too high so when the water touches the probe, the alert will be sent.
Battery Power:
The water sensor uses 1 Energizer CR123A 3V Lithium batteries as its power source. The water sensor will detect low battery and send a notification to the abode web and mobile app. When battery is exhausted, the water sensor will stop functioning and the Red LED will flash every second.
To replace battery:
Open the cover by removing the cover screw to access the battery and replace battery. 

Operational information:
When the water sensor comes into contact with moisture, the sensor will start flashing its LED light and will transmit a signal to the gateway. The gateway will then be triggered and start pulsing the gateway’s siren until the senor has been removed from the moisture or the gateway is disarmed.
The notification of the water detection will show up on the timeline for the web and mobile apps.  When the water level subsides, the water sensor will transmit a restore signal and the gateway siren will stop sounding. The water sensor will then return to normal operation mode with no lights on.
Mounting the water sensor:
When mounted on the wall, the extension water sensor detects water with its extended probe.
  1. Open the cover by removing the bottom fixing screw on the water sensor
  2. Find a location on the wall to mount the water sensor. The location should provide enough space for the extension probe to drop to the height you want to detect water level.
  3. Use the included screws if needed to attach the sensor’s back cover onto the wall
  4. Replace the front cover.
When mounting on the floor or flat surface, simply set the water sensor on its back in the desired location.
The water sensor conducts self-test periodically by transmitting a supervisory signal to the gateway once every 30-50 minutes. If the gateway fails to receive the supervisory signals transmitted from a water sensor, an “offline” fault message will be generated on the web and mobile app. If this occurs, press the red button on the water sensor one time to restore connection to the gateway.
Testing the water sensor:
Place a wet paper towel on the base of the water sensor so it makes contact with at least two of the small gold stubs that stick slightly out of the base (See page 1 - #5 in the figure).  When the sensor is triggered, the red light on the front will flash and send a signal to the gateway. The gateway will sound a pulsing siren until the wet paper towel is removed or the gateway is disarmed. Disarm the gateway to reset the alert and stop the gateway’s red LED from blinking. To turn off the gateway’s alarm memory RED LED, arm the system and wait until the exit delay stops and then disarm the system.
Adding a water sensor to the gateway:
When adding a water sensor to the gateway, you will need to use the abode web app ( After installing the battery into the water sensor, access your abode web account and click on “devices” on the left column of the home screen.
Step 1. On the devices page, click on the large plus + at the top middle of the screen. This will pop up the “add device” screen, then click on the “other devices” at the top of that screen. This will place the gateway into the pairing mode.
Step 2. A screen will pop up that says “your gateway is in the pairing mode.”
Step 3. Press the red function button on the water sensor and release. If the water sensor was not paired with the gateway, return to step #1 and try again.
When the gateway receives the pairing signal transmitted from the device, the gateway will emit 2 beeps to confirm it has been accepted, the water sensor’s red LED will flash, and the screen will display the device information for selection and the option to name the description of the device. For all device names, consider using a name that describes the location of the device such as utility room, or hot water heater, etc. Once the gateway has added the device, the web app and mobile app will list the new device in the device list. You may need to log out and log back in before the device will show up on the mobile app.


If the water sensor was not paired with the gateway, return to step #1 and try again.



abode_water_sensor_user_guide_020316.pdf abode_water_sensor_user_guide_020316.pdf

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