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Installing SIM Cards in Your Gateway

As part of the Connect plan, abode offers emergency cell backup in the event you temporarily lose internet to your gateway. The abode plan options can be found here.

If you did not receive a SIM, please reach out to us at Due to compatibility, the gateway only supports SIM cards from abode.

NOTE: All gateways shipped after May 2016 will already have the SIM card installed and once you have purchased the Connect plan or the Connect & Secure plan, allow up to 15 minutes for the SIM card to be enabled before performing the test in Step 2 below. (The gateway utilizes either the AT&T or the T-Mobile cellular services depending on which has the strongest signal to the gateway.) Locating the gateway on the floor, in a closet or in a basement can weaken the cellular signal.  

Step 1: Installing the SIM ( Gateways shipped after May 2016 will have a SIM card installed)
Turn off the gateway battery switch and unplug the gateway to power down.
  1. Locate the SIM card slot in the back of the gateway and remove the rubber cover
  2. Remove the SIM card cut out from the holder card
  3. Insert the SIM into the gateway as show in the picture below. If you are looking at the back of the gateway, the gold connectors will be to the left side with the corner cutout going in the slot first. 
  4. Press the SIM card all the way in. Use the SIM holder to push the SIM in (see pic) until it locks into place
  5. Once locked into place, connect the power back to the gateway and slide the battery switch on
  6. After one minute, re-sync your gateway by opening and closing your doors
Step 2: Testing your cellular connection
Wait for up to 15 minutes after installation and purchase of the Connect plan or Connect & Secure plan.
When first testing the cell service, remove the Ethernet cable from your gateway and wait for 3 minutes.
  1. Log in to your web app or mobile app.
  2. Open and close a door to ensure the events show up on the timeline of events on your web or mobile app.
  3. Test is complete, reconnect your Ethernet cable 
Need help? Reach out to us anytime at



Sim_card_installation_.pdf Sim_card_installation_.pdf

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