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Abode Shock/Vibration Sensor Installation Guide

Pairing the Shock/Vibration Sensor to the Gateway
  1. access the adobe web app at, and on the dash board page you will see the device list, on the top of this page click on the “+” Add device
  2. In the Add Device dialog, select the proper device from the list and follow the wizard.
  3. Once instructed, locate a small hole on the face of the shock sensor and use the end of a paperclip to press-in the pairing button one time and release.

  4. The device will show up in your device list, select Add and follow the wizard to complete the pairing process.
After paring the sensor with the gateway, check the web app to insure the new sensor has been included into the device list if not, refresh your browser. If it did not pair with gateway, remove the battery and press in the function button in 3 times then reinsert the battery and repeat the step B.


abode_glass_break_shock___Vibration_sensor_030218.pdf abode_glass_break_shock___Vibration_sensor_030218.pdf

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