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Abode Indoor Motion Sensor Installation Guide


The abode wireless motion sensor uses advanced ADSP algorithms to ensure exceptional performance in sensitivity, reliability, and false alarm immunity. Once installed, and your system is armed in the away mode (default), when movement is detected the device will be triggered and transmit an alarm signal to the abode gateway for processing using the web and mobile app. The motion has been designed to give a detection range of 35’ when mounted at 6.5’ above the floor.

The motion sensor is designed to be mounted on ether a flat surface or in a corner, there is 2 side tape included that can be used on the flat back or on each edge of the device so it will stick into a surface or corner position . There are screws included with the device for mounting, but you will need to drill holes in the back of the sensor and you can use the dimples inside the back for a drilling guide, if more 2 sided tape is needed it can be found at your local hardware store.

It is recommended to install the motion sensor in the following locations.

  • Mount the sensor in the rooms that have the thing’s you value most, or those areas of concern.  
  • Locate in a position such that an intruder would normally move across the motion’s field of view.

Identifying the components

Installation Recommendations
The motion sensor is designed to give a typical detection range of 35' when mounted at 6.5' above the floor

Do not install the motion completely exposed to direct sunlight.
Avoid installing the motion in areas where devices may cause rapid change of temperature in the detection area, i.e. air conditioner, heaters, etc.
Avoid large obstacles in the detection area.
Not pointing directly at sources of heat e.g. fire places heating vents etc.
• Pets of any size may trigger the device. If a pet is normally in the home, we recommend lowering the sensor to about 4.5' but flipping the sensor upside down causing the detection beams to shoot towards the ceiling instead of the ground.

Arm the system into the away mode and the motion camera will warm up for 60 seconds after the system is fully armed. All persons should leave the room during this warming-up period. Then you can walk across its field of view, it should detect and trigger the alarm, then disarm the system immediately

The motion sensor uses two AA batteries as its power source. Low battery detection occurs about one month before complete exhaustion. A low battery notification will be sent to the web and mobile app. The battery has been installed by the factory before shipment with a pull tab activator installed.


abode_motion_sensor_user_guide_031618.pdf abode_motion_sensor_user_guide_031618.pdf

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