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Nest Device Integration Guide

You can now integrate your abode system and your Nest Devices.

  1. Sign into the abode Web App (

  2. Once logged in, click on the Integrations page in the left hand navigation.

  1. Click “Add Nest Integration” to get started.
  1. Click the “Continue to Nest” button.

  2. You are now redirected to Works with Nest Integration Page, click Continue to proceed.
  1. Enter your Nest Credentials and click Sign-In
  1. When you’ve successfully logged into Nest, you will be redirected back to abode with the “Integration Settings” section of the Nest Integration visible.

  1. In the “Select which Nest home you’d like integrated” drop down, choose the appropriate home.

  2. If you want to keep abode and Nest home / away in sync, you can turn it on.  When this is enabled, when abode is in Away mode, Nest is changed to Away mode, and when abode is in Home or Standby mode, Nest is changed to Home Mode.

  3. Choose the Nest devices that you would like to Integrate and click Save Settings to continue.

At this point, you’ve integrated your Nest devices with your abode Home Security System.

Notes on the Nest Integration:

Nest Terms of Service:

"You cannot use the Nest API to offer or advertise a Client that provides emergency response, notification services, life-safety, or other critical use services that require notifications to be provided without interruption.​"
This translates to the following in our current Nest Integration:
  1. Nest Thermostat alerts and alarms do not trigger abode Alarms. They are added to the abode Timeline, but cannot trigger an abode alarm as this could notify emergency response without human interruption which is against ToS.
  2. Per Terms of Service, abode is ONLY permitted to retain Snapshots and Animated GIFS in the abode Timeline for 10 days.  After 10 days, these will automatically be deleted from your abode Timeline.  If you have the Connect or Connect + Secure plan, even though you have 14 and 90 days of timeline, to remain complaint with TOS we have to remove Nest Snapshots and Animated GIFS in 10 days.

When you connect your abode system to the Nest Protect, you’ll have peace of mind wherever you are.  In the event smoke is detected, the abode app will alert you and allow you to verify the event to send to our monitoring center (optional, monthly fee applies) who can contact your local fire department on your behalf.

What does this Nest Protect integration do?

  • Receive Nest Protect status message and alerts into your abode timeline.
  • Review, take action, and notify the abode monitoring center of any smoke/fire events so they can contact your local fire department on your behalf.
The Nest Protect, Smoke & CO sensor does not qualify as a 24 hour Professionally Monitored device because the user must first verify the event on the abode mobile app before the monitoring service will receive the fire alarm and dispatch the fire department. The abode alarm certificate will not include the Nest Protect as a Professionally Monitored device. 

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