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Cancel Subscription Guide

All of the abode paid subscriptions auto-renew on their anniversary date.  If you have a monthly subscription, it renews each month on the start date.  If you have an annual subscription, it renews each year on the start date.

When you activate a subscription, you will receive a Subscription Upgraded email from abode that looks like the example below.  Your subscription renews monthly or annually on the start date.   You can cancel your subscription at any time, but please note abode does not offer refunds for partial months or years.  Once your subscription is active, it does not downgrade until the end of the current plan.

Downgrade Example:  
Let's say that you have a Connect (Monthly) plan that renews on the 13th of each month. You can cancel your Connect (Monthly) plan and downgrade to the Basic plan at any point during the month, but the downgrade will not take affect until your anniversary date (13th in this example) and you will not be refunded for any portion of the existing month that you've already paid for.  So your subscription would be converted to a Basic Plan on the 13th of the next month.


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