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Alarm Certificate for homeowner's insurance

Once you have your abode system installed and the professional monitoring activated, (With the Secure plan) you will then need to log into your abode web app account at ( then click on the account tab on the left side of the screen, then on the general tab just below the account tab. At the top right of the screen you should find the alarm system certificate download button to retrieve your abode alarm system certificate. (Only the master user login will have access to this download)

If you have paired one or more of the First Alert Smoke & Carbon Monoxcide detectors (ZCOMBO) with your gateway, and your wanting this fire protection added to the protection list of types on your alarm certificate, you will need to download the alarm certificate as mention above, then send the pdf file to the support team at, and ask them to add your fire protection onto the certificate.
The support team will then check your gateway to insure the fire protection is paired, and update the alarm certificate and send it back to you.

The Nest Protect Smoke & CO sensor does not qualify as a 24 hour monitored fire protection device. This is due to the requirement from Nest that the user must first verify that the Nest protect fire alarm signal is or could be real before the monitoring service will receive the fire alarm signal and dispatch the fire department
If you have questions regarding this information, please contact the abode support team. 

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