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Why some wireless devices will not work with the abode system

About Supported Devices:
The abode gateway contains three wireless encrypted radios, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and the abode propitiatory 433MHz. These wireless protocols are used for communicating between various wireless devices that are paired with the gateway. Although the abode gateway will pair with most any Z-Wave or ZigBee device, it’s unlikely that it will be correctly identified unless the abode development team has designed a custom control driver for the specific device and listed the device on the supported device list.
Most every type of device Z-Wave or ZigBee is different, and when a device is paired with the gateway and it's not recognized correctly, the gateway will most likely choose a default type and think it's a water sensor or something else when in fact it may be a motion sensor or door sensor etc. Abode is always working on designing new products and adding new supported devices to our list. 
The supported device list provides the current devices that have been tested and are supported.

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