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What do I need to connect my abode system?

To install your abode gateway, you will need the following:
A. An AC outlet to plug in the gateway power transformer
B. An internet router or modem with a spare Ethernet port to plug in the included Ethernet cable from the gateway to the spare port. (This Ethernet connection must always stay connected, because the gateway does not have or use a WiFi connection for its internet access. Although the gateway does have an optional emergency cellular radio, it is only used for
temporary internet outages, and not for full time cell only usage.)
All of the abode devices communicate with the gateway using ether the gateways encrypted long range 433MHz, ZigBee or Z-Wave wireless protocols not WiFi.

To set up your abode system
Step 1: Create a new account
abode can be setup from either the web or mobile app. For mobile, download and install the abode systems app (goabode) from the iOS or Android app store and follow the account creation prompts. For the web, begin by accessing and then clicking create an account. 

During account setup, you will be asked for your gateway activation code which is included in your starter kit on a small blue and white card located inside the starter kit box.. 

Step 2: Setup up the gateway
Follow the in-app instructions to install your gateway, or reference the steps below. Your gateway requires access to both power and the internet (via network cable to an open port on your router).
  1. Unpack and place your gateway in an upright position. For best performance, try to separate from your router by 2-5 feet to prevent interference. 
  2. Connect the included power, and network cable between your gateway and router
  3. Flip down the battery switch in the back to enable the battery back-up
  4. Success -- your gateway is now connected!
Follow the Guide on the abode app or web app at to complete the installation.

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