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ecobee Integration

You can now integrate your ecobee Thermostat with your abode Smart Home.  Integrating the two will allow you to manually control your ecobee Thermostat from the abode Web and Mobile apps and also allow you to set-up abode Automations to control your Thermostat based on other events in the your abode Smart Home.

To set-up your Ecobee Integration:

  1. Go to the abode Web App (  >> Integration

  2. Click Add ecobee Integration

  3. Continue to ecobee in the Integration Dialog
  1. Log-In to ecobee using your ecobee Credentials
  1. Click “Accept” to authorize this integration.

That’s it.  You’ll now see your ecobee Thermostat show up in the device list for your abode Web and Mobile Apps.


To control via your abode Web App:

  1. In the abode web app (, find the thermostat in the device list.

  2. Click on the Edit Pencil next to the device to bring up the Device Edit Dialog.

  3. Configure accordingly.


To control via the abode Mobile App:

  1. On the devices tab of your abode Mobile App, find the Thermostat and click on the Setting Icon
  2. Make desired changes

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