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Web App UI Changes - December 2017

As part of our Groups release in December of 2017, we made significant changes to the Dashboard UI in the abode Web App.  This article provides an overview of those changes and provides a guide for finding functionality in the new interface.

Timeline and Devices Swap

As you can see in the image abode, we swapped the timeline and the devices section.  The Timeline maintains all of the same functionality as before, but has been moved to the right hand side to make room for an expanded devices section that now allows you to group your devices.   See the grouping devices support article for more information on the new grouping features.

Live Video

Based on user feedback, we moved the Live Video feeds to their own page.  You can access this new page by clicking the Live Video link from the left hand navigation.


If you have multiple Streaming cameras, you can use the buttons below to navigate between your cameras.  Also noticed that the History section on the right shows video clips from the camera that you have selected.

Devices Interactions

Device Edit Dialog

To access the device edit dialog for any attached device, hover over the device icon until it changes to the settings icon and then click.  This will bring up the device edit dialog for each device.

Delete a Device

To delete a device, open the device’s device edit dialog and click Delete device.


Add a New Device

The add device button is now located at the top of the Dashboard page.


Capture Images or Videos

You can capture images from motion cameras and Nest Cams and Video clips from abode Streaming cameras by clicking the icons below the device.



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