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abode Smart Home Skill

The abode Smart Home skill allows you to interact with both the security and home automation aspects of your abode home.  With the abode Smart Home skill, you can arm and disarm your home, control lights, switches and dimmers, and even lock your doors.  As Amazon adds new device support to their Smart Home Skill API, we will continue to update our abode Smart Home skill. Our goal is to eventually phase out the abode Security skill for the abode Smart Home skill.  Garage doors are the last remaining devices that are not supported by Amazon's smart home API but are supported by the abode Security skill.


When directing Alexa using the abode Smart Home skill, you do not have to invoke abode first.  Here are examples:


abode Security System

  • “Alexa, arm abode in away mode.”

  • “Alexa, arm abode in home mode.”

  • “Alexa, arm abode.”  (This will arm abode to home mode)

  • “Alexa, is abode armed?”

  • “Alexa, disarm abode.”


Note: Disarming your abode home using Alexa voice commands requires “Disarm by voice” to be enabled.  To enable, open the Alexa mobile app, select “abode” under your smart home devices, and enable the “Disarm by voice” setting.


Door / Window Sensors

  • “Alexa, is the front door open?”

  • “Alexa, is the living room window open?”



  • “Alexa, lock the front door.”

  • “Alexa, unlock the front door.”

  • “Alexa, is the front door locked?”



  • “Alexa, turn on my light.”

  • “Alexa, turn off my light.”

  • “Alexa, brighten my light.”

  • “Alexa, dim my light.”

  • “Alexa, change my light to blue / pink / purple / orange / green / red / yellow.”

  • “Alexa, change my light to white.”

  • “Alexa, make my light cooler.”

  • “Alexa, make my light warmer.”



  • “Alexa, turn on my dimmer.”

  • “Alexa, turn off my dimmer.”

  • “Alexa, set my dimmer to 50%.”

  • “Alexa, dim my dimmer.”

  • “Alexa, brighten my dimmer”.



  • “Alexa, turn on my switch.”

  • “Alexa, turn off my switch.”



  • “Alexa, turn on my plug.”

  • “Alexa, turn off my plug.”


Alexa Routines

Using Alexa "Routines" in the Alexa app, you can configure an Alexa device to say something when an event occurs. For example:

  • When the front door opens, Alexa says "Front Door opened."

  • When living room detects motion, Alexa says, "Who's there?"


Alexa's response to an event is completely customizable by you.


Can I integrate my abode with both abode Security and Smart Home Skills?

Yes! We recommend starting with the abode Smart Home skill as it supports most use cases. If you would like to also control garage doors, invoke quick actions, or trigger alarms with voice commands, then integrate the abode Security skill in addition to the abode Smart Home skill.


Motion Sensor Update:

Motion sensors sold prior to 2019 are not supported and will not be discoverable by the abode Smart Home skill.  However, new motion sensors sold in 2019 and those built into IOTA are supported.


Set up your Smart Home Skill Integration (Web App)

Follow these steps to integrate the abode Smart Home Skill with your abode home:

  1. In the abode Web App (, go to the Integrations page.

  1. Click “Add Smart Home Skill”

  2. Click “Continue to Amazon” on the “We are redirecting you to Amazon dialog”.

  3. If you are asked to sign into Amazon Alexa, please do so.  Click “Enable”

  1. When you are redirected back to the abode sign in screen, enter your abode username and password and click Sign-In.

  2. In a couple of seconds, you’ll receive confirmation that the integration was completed successfully.

  1. Back in the Alexa app, if you are not automatically prompted to “Discover Devices”, click the “Manage Devices in Smart Home” button.

  1. Click on Devices and then Click “Discover Devices”

  2. You’ll see a dialog telling you that it is searching for devices.

  1. That’s it, you should now see all of your lights, switches, dimmers, and smart locks.


You can now use Alexa to control any of the devices that show up this list.

  • "Alexa, set Dining Room Lights to 70 percent."

  • "Alexa, turn off Outdoor Flood Lights."

  • "Alexa, turn on Front Porch Lights."

  • "Alexa, lock the Side Door Lock."


Set up your Smart Home Skill Integration (Mobile App)

  1. Install the amazon alexa mobile app

  2. Open the app

  3. Click the menu option in the top left corner

  1. Select “Skills & Games”

  1. Click the magnifying glass in the top right corner

  1. Search “abode”

  2. Click “abode Smart Home”

  1. Click “ENABLE TO USE”

  1. Link with your abode account using your abode login credentials

  2. Click “done” in the top left corner


  2. Once the discovery process is complete, click “DONE”

  3. You will then be able to group devices if you’d like.

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