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abode Home Security Skill

To link your abode and Alexa accounts:

  1. Go to the abode web app (

  2. Select “Integrations” from the left hand navigation

  3. Click on the "Add Classic Alexa Skill" link in the Amazon Alexa integration block.

  4. On the redirection dialog, click "Continue to Alexa"

  5. You are now redirected to the abode skill in the Alexa App.

  6. Click "Enable Skill" and you are redirected to the abode log-in page to authenticate... enter your abode credentials.

  7. At the final step, you are presented a PIN Code dialog. To provide enhanced security, a PIN code is required to execute some abode / Alexa commands. When the PIN code is required, Alexa will ask you for it. Enter your 4 digit PIN and click "Continue".

  8. When the web page says "Your abode Skill was successfully linked", you are done.


That’s it, you can now use your Amazon Echo to control your abode Home Security System


The Home Security Skill


New! The abode Smart Home skill now supports arming and disarming your home! Please use the abode Smart Home skill for a better user experience.

The abode security skill allows you to interact with the security aspects of your abode Security System. With the abode Security skill, you can arm and disarm your home, control lights, switches, dimmers, locks, and garage doors.  

When directing Alexa using the abode Security skill, you must invoke the skill by saying, "Alexa, tell abode to..." or "Alexa, ask abode to...".

A couple of examples:

"Alexa, tell abode to set the system to away mode."
"Alexa, ask abode for system status."
"Alexa, tell abode to open the garage door."
"Alexa, tell abode to close the garage door."
"Alexa, tell abode to apply the good night action."
"Alexa, tell abode to panic."
"Alexa, tell abode there is a fire."

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