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Creating a routine with Amazon Alexa

abode Voice Notifications

Using the abode Smart Home skill, you can have Alexa notify you when a door or 
window opens/closes, or when an abode motion sensor detects a change in motion. What Alexa says is customizable by you. 
For example:

- When my front door opens, Alexa says, "The front door has been opened." 
- When my living room detects motion, Alexa says, "who's there?"

The options are limitless and designed to make your home even smarter and more secure.

*These instructions assume you already have the abode Smart Home skill enabled within your Alexa account. To do this, follow the instructions here.

1.    Open your Alexa account.
2.    Select the Home icon in the bottom right corner.

3.    Select “All Devices”.

4.    Choose the door or motion sensor you would like to create a routine for.
5.    Select “CREATE A ROUTINE”.

    a.    You will be taken to a screen that shows your current routines for the door or motion sensor you have selected.
    b.    To listen to your current routine, click the play button to the right of the routine.
6.    Click the “+” icon in the top right corner of your screen.

7.    Click the “+” icon to the right of “When this happens”.

    a.    Select device.
    b.    Select the action you would like the routine to be triggered by.
8.    Click the “+” icon to the right of “Add action”.

9.    Choose “Alexa says”.

10.    Choose “Custom”.

11.    Enter the phrase you would like Alexa to say.
12.    Click “NEXT”.
13.    Click “ADD”.

14. If you have multiple Alexa devices, be sure to configure the correct Alexa device that should speak by selecting the device you would like to speak from the dropdown menu within your routine.

15.  Click “Save”.  
16.  Test your routine.  If you need to edit or delete this routine, you can find it under “Routines” in the Alexa App’s main menu.


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