24/7 Video Plan FAQ

    24/7 Video Plan FAQ

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    Is this add-on available for all Abode streaming camera models?
    Yes, it is.

    Am I able to determine which cameras I want this on?
    Yes, you can adjust which of your cameras have 24/7 enabled in the Abode App by going to the Menu (≡) > System Settings > 24/7 Video Recording.

    How many cameras can I have with 24/7 recording?
    You can have unlimited cameras per account on 24/7 recording.

    In which countries is 24/7 Video Recording available?
    24/7 Video Recording is available in the USA and Canada.

    How much does this cost?
    $9.99/mo per account or $109.99/yr per account when billed annually.

    How do I purchase 24/7 Video Recording?
    You can purchase the 24/7 Video Recording add-on in the Abode App. Select the Menu (three bars on the top left) > tap your name to open your Profile > tap on Plan Details > 24/7 Video Recording will be listed as an option under Available Add-Ons

    How do I cancel 24/7 Video Recording?
    You can cancel via the billing section in the Abode App. Please note that we do not offer prorated refunds, your 24/7 recording will go through the billing term you cancelled in and will not renew for the next term. View detailed plan change/cancellation instructions here.

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