Discontinued Iota & Security Hub Compatible Devices

    Discontinued Iota & Security Hub Compatible Devices

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    Below is a list of US products tested and verified to work with your Abode gateway. 
    These products may no longer be available to purchase, however should still be compatible with your Abode system.

    ManufacturerDevice DescriptionDevice TypePart NumberProtocol
    Aeon AeotecDoor/Window Sensor 6Door/Window SensorZW112-AZ-Wave Plus
    Aeon AeotecDual Nano SwitchIn-wall switchZW140-AZ-Wave Plus

    Aeon Aeotec

    Smart Dimmer 6Nano SwitchZW099-A02Z-Wave Plus
    Aeon AeotecSmart Energy SwitchIn-wall AC outlet SwitchDSC06106Z-Wave
    Aeon AeotecSmart Switch 6Plug into wall SwitchZW096-A02Z-Wave Plus
    Aeon AeotecWater Sensor 6Water SensorZW122-AZ-Wave Plus
    AugustSmart LockLockASL-03Z-Wave Plus
    CoolcamDoor Window SensorDoor/Window Sensor252NAS DS01ZZ-Wave Plus
    DanalockDanalock V3LockV3-BTZUZ-Wave Plus
    DomeOn/Off OutletPlug into wall SwitchDM0F1Z-Wave Plus
    EnerWave3-Way Control Auxiliary SwitchIn-wall Switch 3 WayZW3KZ-Wave
    EnerWaveIn-wall On / Off SwitchIn-wall Touch SwitchZW15SZ-Wave Plus
    EnerWaveIn-wall Smart Meter TR Duplex ReceptacleIn-wall AC outlet SwitchZW15RM-PLUSZ-Wave Plus
    EnerWavePlugin SwitchIn-wall AC outlet SwitchZWN-333Z-Wave
    EnerWaveWireless 120VAC 20AIn-wall AC outlet SwitchZW20RZ-Wave
    FibaroSmart PlugPlug into wall SwitchFGWPB-111-ZW5Z-Wave Plus
    GE JascoDual Plug-in with independent control and USB chargingPlug into wall Switch28177 ZW4105Z-Wave Plus
    GE JascoEZ Smart DimmerIn-wall Switch14294 ZW3005Z-Wave Plus
    GE JascoFlood/Freeze sensor w/Dual detectionWater Sensor38959 ZW6306Z-Wave Plus
    GE JascoIn-wall dimmerIn-wall Dimmer45857GE ZB3001ZigBee
    GE JascoIn-Wall Smart Motion DimmerIn-wall DimmerZW3008Z-Wave Plus
    GE JascoIn-wall switchIn-wall Dimmer45856GE ZB4001ZigBee
    GE JascoIn-wall switchIn-wall Switch12727 14292 ZW4003Z-Wave Plus
    GE JascoIn-Wall Tamper resistant smart OutletIn-wall AC Outlet Switch14288 ZW1002Z-Wave Plus
    GE JascoIn-Wall Tamper resistant smart OutletIn-wall AC Outlet Switch12721 ZW1001Z-Wave
    GE JascoInwall switch with motion sensorIn-wall Switch with motion sensor26932 ZW4006Z-Wave Plus
    GE JascoLED bulbLight Bulb Dimmer35931 ZW7101Z-Wave Plus
    GE JascoLink LightbulbLight BulbPSB38-BW30ZigBee
    GE JascoLink LightbulbLight BulbPSB30-SW27ZigBee
    GE JascoLink LightbulbLight BulbPSB19-SW27ZigBee
    GE JascoOutdoor EZ Smart SwitchOutdoor plugin switch R12720 ZW4201Z-Wave Plus
    GE JascoPlug-in EZ Smart SwitchPlug into wall Switch28169 ZW4103Z-Wave Plus
    GE JascoSmart Dimmer In-WallIn-wall Switch12722 ZW4005Z-Wave Plus
    Jasco NexiaFluorescent Light and Appliance ModuleIn-wall AC Outlet SwitchZW4101Z-Wave
    Leak GopherLeak GopherWater Valve CutoffLGZW-1Z-Wave Plus
    LevitonPush On/Off SwitchIn-wall SwitchVRS15-1LZZ-Wave
    LevitonScene Capable Push On/Off DimmerIn-wall DimmerVRMX1-1LZZ-Wave
    LinearGoControl Garage DoorGarage door controllerGD00Z-4 ONLYZ-Wave Plus
    LinearLED LightLight BulbLB60Z-1Z-Wave Plus
    NetvoxSmart PlugIn-wall AC outlet SwitchZ809AZigBee
    PhilipsLightbulbLight Bulb431650 Currently IFTTT is requiredZigBee
    SchlageAppliance ModuleIn-wall AC outlet SwitchRP100RNXZ-Wave
    SchlageDoor LocksLockUSA Z-Wave & Z-Wave PlusZ-Wave
    YaleKeyfree Touchscreen DeadboltLockYRD240-ZW-619Z-Wave
    YalePush Button DeadboltLockYRD110-ZW-619Z-Wave

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