Abode Apple Watch App

    Abode Apple Watch App

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    Control your home security with just a few taps on your wrist with our Apple Watch app. Control alarm modes, view your events timeline and videos, view and change the status of all your devices, and run your automations without ever pulling out your phone!

    Setup Instructions

    1. Make sure your iPhone us running the latest version iOS
    2. Ensure the Abode App loads onto the Apple Watch. This should happen automatically, but if it doesn't open the Watch app on your iPhone and select "Install" next to the Abode app under "Available Apps".
    3. Once loaded, open the Abode App on your Apple Watch. You will be prompted to sync accounts.
    4. Navigate to the Abode App on your iPhone, then select Menu > Apple Watch app and select the account(s) you want synced to your Apple Watch.


    • Arm and Disarm System
    • View Timeline, and view recorded clips
    • Interact with Devices
    • Trigger Quick Actions and CUE Automations


    Abode iOS app version 5.5 minimum
    iOS 11.4 minimum
    WatchOS 8.0 minimum

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