Dome Water Main Shut-Off Guide

    Dome Water Main Shut-Off Guide

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    The Dome Water Main Shut-Off (DMWV1) integrates with abode via Z-Wave and can automatically shut your water main off when there's a leak. When paired with your Abode hub and CUE automations, the DMWV1 is an extremely power piece of insurance. An example use-case with Abode would be a CUE automation that automatically shuts off your water main and sends your mobile device a push notification when an Abode Water Leak Sensor detects a leak.


    Setup Guide

    1. In the Abode App on your Apple or Android device, select the Menu (≡).
    2. Tap "Add Device".
    3. Under Other, tap "Third Party Devices".
    4. Press the Dome power/pair button quickly 3 times. The valve will close.
    5. Press the power/pair button again quickly 3 times. The valve will open and should be recognized on the app. This may take several attempts. Repeat steps 4-5 as needed for the device to be recognized.
    6. Once the device is revealed in the app, follow the in-app setup guide to complete setup. Refer to the instructions included with your DMWV1 device for proper installation/plumbing details.

    Useage Guide

    Now that your DMWV1 is paired to your Abode system it can be used to create smart automations to protect your home from extensive water damage. Under the Devices tab (from the bottom tray of the Abode App) the device can be opened or closed on command from your mobile device, but for a truly worry-free setup the water main shut-off can be paired with other devices and CUE Automations. Follow our CUE Automation Guide here to learn more about how to create and manage automations.


    The device needs to be reset

    The LED indicator should be blinking constantly before being added to your system. If it's not blinking, reset your device by powering it on and pressing and holding the power button until the LED starts to blink. Then try adding it one more time.

    You're out of range

    Your shut-off valve may be too far from your Abode Iota Hub or Security Hub to pair. Try bringing the device closer or adding a Z-Wave signal extender to boost your Z-Wave coverage, and then try again.

    You're not feelin' the rhythm

    When you add the Water Main Shut-Off, the power/pair button has to be triple-tapped in a very specific rhythm, approximately 3 times in one second. If it's not tapped correctly, it won't add. If done correctly, the LED will stop blinking and remain on if the Water Main Shut-Off is closed, or off if it's open. If your rhythem is off the device will not pair. Try again until you and your shut-off valve are in potent harmony.

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