Standard Plan Overview

    Standard Plan Overview

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    The best part of DIY home security systems is the fact that you can keep an eye on your home even when you’re away. Through the Abode App you always have access to your Abode equipment, no matter where you are. The Standard Plan provides full-feature access to the Abode App and is a great solution for those looking to automation their smart home or get the most out of Abode cameras.


    Key Features of the Standard Plan Include:

    • Unlimited Cameras - live and recorded video, Smart Detect, and more for unlimited cameras
    • Notifications - receive and customize notifications to your phone and email (e.g. motion detected notifications)
    • Video Storage - view, store, and download captured videos for 10 days
    • Timeline - view 10 days of your event history like doors open/closing and triggered alarms
    • CUE Automations - create custom home automations based on security events, location, time, device status, and more
    • Panic Alarms - manuall trigger your alarm audibly or silently via the Abode App to send for immediate help
    • Smart Detect - intelligently detect and noticy you of the presence of people, pets, and packaginges

    How do I upgrade from no plan to Standard Plan?

    You can add a plan or change your plan right for the Abode App by selecting the Menu (≡) > tap your name to open your Profile > tap Plan Details. View detailed plan management guide here.



    Why upgrade to the Pro Plan?

    The Pro Plan includes all the great features of the Standard Plan but adds full professional monitoring and cellular backup for maximum security.

    The Pro Plan includes monitoring services that automatically dispatches the proper emergency service(s) in the event of an alarm incident via our US-based 24/7 monitoring center in the event of a break-in, fire, or medical emergency. Pro Plan also includes Cellular Backup that uses 4G network to keep your Abode system online and continuing to record events, video, and push notifiactions to the Abode App in the event of a home internet outage.

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