Mini Door/Window Sensor

Mini Door/Window Sensor

The Mini Door Contact monitors the opening/closing of specified devices (e.g. door or window). The Door Contact is fixed to the monitored device frame with an actuating magnet fixed to the device. When the door or window opens, the magnet moves away from the Door Contact, activating an internal magnetic switch causing the Door Contact to transmit an alarm signal to the Abode Gateway and system. The device also has the capabilities of communicating signal problems along with low battery situations.

The Door Contact design consisted of a front cover and a back cover. The front cover contains all electronics and the back cover provides a means for fixing the device. An enclosed PCB tamper switch provides tamper protection against unauthorized device opening.


Pairing Guide

  1. In Abode Web App, navigate to the Devices page, and then click on the “+”.
  2. ​In the Add Device dialog, select the Other Devices tab. Your gateway is now ready to pair your device.
  3. Remove the battery insulator from the sensor.
  4. Press and release the learn button on the back of the door sensor
  5. In 2-3 seconds, you will see the device show up in the Add Device dialog.
  6. Click Add and then follow the wizard to complete the pairing process.
  7. That’s it! The Mini Door sensor is now paired with your Abode system!

Installation Guide

The magnet should be no more than .6 inches (15mm) from the detector when the door is closed.

  1. Clean the wall mounting location and back of the Door Contact with degreaser. Do not mount on the wall with cracking paint or rough surface.​
  2. The Velcro tape can be separated to Hook and Loop sides.
  3. Remove the protective cover of the Hook side and attach to the back of the Door Contact
  4. Remove the protective cover of the Loop side and apply to desired mounting location
  5. Apply the Door Contact on the Loop side Velcro taped on the wall


Parts Overview

  1. Magnet - Mount the magnet on the side of the Door Contact where it has 2 rib-marks to indicate the position of the internal magnet switch. The Door Contact should be installed either upright or inverted to ensure that the rib-marked side faces the magnet.​
  2. Rib Marks
  3. Battery Insulator​
  4. Learn / Test Button​
  • Press the Test button to transmit a learn in code.​
  • Press the Test button once to enter Test Mode for 3 minutes.​
  1. Red LED Indicator​
  2. Tamper Switch​
  3. Battery​
  4. Mounting Holes (Knockouts)​
  5. Mounting Hooks​
  6. Tamper Compression Mark​

LED Status Light Guide

In Normal operation mode, the LED indicator remains off except in the following situations when:

  • When Door Contact’s Tamper switch is triggered.
  • When the Door Contact is activated with either Tamper or Low battery condition.
  • When the Door Contact is activated and transmitting the signal under the Test mode.


The Door Contact will automatically transmit supervisory signals periodically to the Abode Gateway and system at random intervals of 30 to 50 minutes in Normal Operation Mode.
If the Abode Gateway has not received the signal from the Door Contact for a preset period time, the Abode system will indicate that particular Door Contact is experiencing an out-of-signal problem.

Tamper Switch

It is designed to protect against unauthorized, cover opening. When the tamper is triggered, Door Contact will emit a signal to the Abode Gateway for reporting, the LED will also light up.


The Mini-Door Sensor uses one 3V CR2450 Lithium battery as its power source

The Door Contact is also capable of detecting low battery. When the battery is low, a low battery signal will be sent to the Abode Gateway and system along with the regular transmission. The LED will light up when the Door Contact is activated under low battery status.

NOTE: Operating temperature is 14° to 113°, extreme cold temperatures will damage this devices battery. Use caution when using this device on perimeter doors or windows if it is exposed to harsh environments.

Changing Battery - You need to open the cover to insert/remove the battery

(Please refer to Installation on how to remove the Door Contact’s cover for details)

  • After the battery has been removed, press the Learn / Test button 5-6 times to fully discharge before inserting the new battery.
  • Make sure the battery mark with the positive side (+) is faced upwards when inserting the battery.
  • Make sure to insert or place the battery from the top right angle in the Front Cover (Back) view.

Changing the Battery

  1. Use a coin, or a flat-headed screwdriver to fit into the cover opening hole
  2. Rotate the coin/screwdriver as indicated in the picture below
  3. Once opened the cover, you can proceed to change the battery etc.
  4. To replace the cove make sure the Tamper Compression Mark is aimed at the Tamper Switch
  5. Make sure the bottom hooks of the back cover is latched on the bottom of the front cover
  6. Fit the bottom hooks into the bottom latches of the front cover (back) then push it downwards as shown below, then push forward the entire back cover to close it until you hear a clip or click sound.​

Test Mode

  • The Door Contact can be put into Test mode for 3 minutes by pressing the Test Button on the back of the sensor one time.
  • During Test mode, the LED indicator will turn on upon triggering. Each press on the Test Button, the Door Contact will transmit a test signal to the Abode Gateway and system for radio range test and resets the test mode back to the 3-minute duration.
  • It will exit Test Mode automatically after the 3 minutes and returns to Normal Operation mode.

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