Google Nest Guide

      Google Nest Guide

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      You can integrate your compatible Google Nest devices into your Abode system. This gives you the ability to use Nest devices, such as cameras and thermostats, in conjunction with your Abode devices

      Abode x Nest

      Google Nest Cameras
      Integrated Google Nest cameras and doorbells will appear as a usable camera in the Devices tab of the Abode App where you can view the Live Feed of supported cameras directly through the Abode App

      Smart Detect
      Google Nest Smart Detection can be used as a trigger or Condition for CUE Automations from supported cameras. See Feature Availability drop-down below, and learn more about CUE Automations here.

      Nest Thermostats
      Google Nest Thermostats can be included in CUE Automations, and controlled directly from within the Abode App in the Devices tab.

      Feature Availability
      The features and usage of the integration are dependent on the type of device that are being used. Please refer to the charts below to see what functionality is available for each device. Please note that these functions are allowed and controlled by Google and are subject to change.


      Camera (legacy)DisplayCamera (wired)Camera w/FloodlightCamera (battery)Nest Doorbell (legacy)Nest Doorbell (battery)Nest Doorbell (wired)
      Thumbnail (Image)

      Thumbnail (Clip)

      Live Stream

      CUE Trigger or Condition (Motion)

      CUE Trigger or Condition (Person)

      CUE Trigger or Condition (Sound)

      CUE Trigger or Condition (Doorbell Chime)


      Nest Learning ThermostatNest Thermostat
      View Thermostat Current State

      Set Thermostat Mode (Auto, Heat, Cool, Off)

      Set Target Temperature

      Set Eco Mode (On, Off)

      CUE Trigger or Condition (Temperature)

      CUE Trigger or Condition (Humidity)

      CUE Trigger or Condition (Heating, Cooling, Off)

      CUE Trigger or Condition (Set Thermostat Mode/Target Temperature)

      Compatible Devices
      Compatible Devices
      • Legacy Nest Cameras
      • Google Camera (wired)
      • Google Camera with Floodlight
      • Google Display (Camera)
      • Google Camera (battery)
      • Legacy Nest Doorbell
      • Google Doorbell (battery)
      • Google Doorbell (wired)
      • Nest Thermostat
      • Nest Learning Thermostat

      Devices that do not support Live Stream

      • Legacy Nest Camera
      • Google Display
      • Legacy Nest Doorbell

      Incompatible Devices

      • Nest Protect
      • Nest Hub (2nd Gen) and Nest Hub Max
      • Nest Mini
      • Nest Wifi and Wifi Point

      Setup Guide
      1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Abode App installed on your mobile device. In the Abode App on your iOS or Android device, select the Menu (≡).
      2. Tap "Integrations" from the list.


      3. Select "Google Nest" from the list of available Integrations.


      4. Tap "Connect with Google Nest" and follow the prompt to log into your Nest account.


      5. Follow the prompts to grant each device permission for access from within the Abode system. 


      6. Tap "Done" to return to the Abode App. Your integration has been completed, and compatible Nest devices will now appear in your Devices tab and as Triggers and Conditions (where available, see Feature Availability drop-down above) for CUE Automations.

      Removing Google Nest Device From Abode

      As the Google Nest devices are not directly "paired" with Abode, if you need to remove individual devices, you need to go into Integrations > Google Nest > Manage Integrations and turn off the permission for each device.

      If you wish to remove all devices, use the Remove Integration button, and follow the prompt therein.

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