Pro Plan FAQ

    Pro Plan FAQ

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    Do you offer cellular backup and professional monitoring in Canada?
    We do! Both cellular backup and professional monitoring are available across Canada. The only exception is that professional monitoring is not available in Quebec, at this time.

    Do my automations and geofences save if I cancel my plan?
    They do, however they will not be usable. Automations and geofences require our Standard Plan or Pro Plan.

    How do I upgrade from no plan or the Standard Plan to the Pro Plan?
    You plan can be upgraded or modified in the Abode App. You can view our detailed guide here.

    What is professional monitoring?
    Professional monitoring gives your Abode system the power of traditional monitored security companies like ADT or Brinks — but without an expensive, inflexible contract. The Abode Pro Plan inclues 24/7 professional monitoring from our USA-based center for break-in, fire, and medical emergencies that will dispatch the correct authories even if you are not available to respond to an alarm.

    What is cellular backup?
    Abode offers cellular backup in most areas of the USA, Canada, and Mexico by utilizing local cellular providers to keep your Abode hub online in the event of an internet outage. Please note, the Abode system is not designed to be used full-time on cellular mode.

    How do I reduce and prevent false alarms?
    False alarms do happen. According to our monitoring analysis, these are usually caused by a person in the household (family, roommate, maintenance worker) who opens a door/window and doesn't realize the system is armed. Please read our guide here to learn more about how to prevent false alarms.

    Downloading your Monitoring Certificate
    Your homeowners insurance may require you to provide them a monitoring certificate to show that you home is equipped with a professionally monitored alarm system. Please follow the guide here to download your Monitoring Certificate from the Abode App.

    How do I change my PIN code?
    Our professional monitoring center requires a 4-digit PIN to verify your identity in the event of an alarm. When you sign up for one of Abode's Pro Plan you will be required to establish a PIN code. Please follow the Monitoring PIN Code guide to change your PIN if needed.

    Monitoring center caller ID info
    If an alarm is triggered and our professional monitoring center tries to contact you, the Caller ID will be from the following number: 1(833) 857-4688

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