Slim Strip Sensor

Slim Strip Sensor

The Abode Slim Door/window Sensor monitors the opening/closing of a door or window. The slim sensor should be installed on the frame or the moving part of the door or window, and the magnet should be installed so that when the door or window is opened, the small magnet pulls away from the sensor and when the door or window is shut, the magnet should be located very close to the sensor, see image below. When the door/window opens, the magnet moves away from the sensor causing it to transmit an open signal to the Abode Gateway. When the door closed the sensor detects magnet again, and transmits a door closed signal. The device will also communicate any signal issue or low battery status to the Abode Gateway.


Parts Overview


  1. LED Indicator
  2. Pairing /Test Button
  • (Use a sharp tool such as paper clip to press the Learn/Test button).
  • Press the button once to transmit a pairing code to the gateway
  • Press the button once and release to enter Test Mode for 3 minutes.
  1. Magnet​
  • Please refer to Magnet Positioning for how to use the magnet with the Door/window sensor correctly.​

LED Status Light Guide

In the Normal operation mode, the LED indicator remains off except in the following situations when:

  • When the sensor is activated under Low battery condition.
  • When the sensor is test mode and magnet is moved close to the sensor and when it’s pulled away

Pairing Guide

  1. In the Abode Web App (, click on the "+" in the Devices Section.
  2. In the Add Device Dialog, click the Other Devices Tab to put the Abode Gateway into pairing Mode
  3. Press the pairing /Test button for 5 once using a sharp tool (like a paperclip) to transmit learn code to the Abode Gateway, red LED should flicker.
  4. In a couple of seconds, you'll see "Door Sensor" show up in the web app dialog, click Add
  5. Follow the Wizard to complete the pairing of the sensor

After pairing the Slim sensor with the gateway, you can perform a simple test by placing the thin magnet over the area where the hole in the sensor is located. You will see the alignment impression in the sensor where you can align up the magnet and when you pull the magnet away from the sensor, you should hear the gateway chime. This can be useful when choosing the location to install the sensor.

Installation Guide

The following installation information is only suggestions on how the devices is typically installed. There are many variations on how it can be used and installed. There are many types of Doors and windows that will require different ways for the sensor (Long component) and the magnet (Thin rectangle) component to be mounted for them to work properly.
I many cases both the sensor and the magnet can be installed in between the gap of the closed door or window. This gap must be at least 6mm which is about the thickness of 1 nickel and 3 dimes stacked together.

**Examples: **
Install the log thin sensor on the door / window frame and the magnet on the object that moves (door or window).



  • The battery in the slim door/window sensor cannot be replaced. It has an estimated battery life of 9 years under normal operating conditions.
  • The sensor is also capable of detecting low battery. When the battery is low, a low battery signal will be sent to the Abode Gateway. The LED will light up when the sensor is activated under low battery status.
  • Operating temperature is 14° to 113°, extreme cold temperatures will damage this devices battery. Use caution when using this device on perimeter doors or windows if it is exposed to harsh environments.

Test Mode

  • The Door Sensor can be put into Test mode for 3 minutes by pressing the pairing/Test Button once.
  • During Test mode, the LED indicator will flicker when triggered.
  • Each press on the Test Button, will transmit a test signal to the Abode Gateway.
  • Test Mode will automatically exit after the 3 minutes and returns to the Normal Operation mode.


  • There is an outline (2 impression lines) on the long sensor right below the pairing / test button that shows where the magnet should line up. See image below.
  • The magnet should be no more than .6 Inches (15mm) from the thin sensor when the door/window is closed.
  • When installing within a door / window slot (similar as image above), the window and window frame spacing must be greater than .2 inches (6mm), or the door/window will not be able to close properly. If you do not have this required gap, you cannot use the slim door sensor in the manner.
  • The magnet should be applied vertically parallel to the Door Sensor as pictures shown in diagram O below. Do not install it as shown in diagram X below.


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