Standard Plan FAQ

    Standard Plan FAQ

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    Do my automations and geofences save if I cancel my plan?
    They do, however they will not be usable. Automations and geofences require our Standard or Pro Plan.

    How do I upgrade from no plan or the Standard Plan to the Pro Plan?
    Your plan can be upgraded or modified in the Abode App. You can view our detailed guide here.

    Do I need the Standard Plan to use cameras?
    No, you do not need the Standard Plan to use Abode Cameras. Without a plan you will be limited to viewing live footage only. Adding a plan will enable recorded clips, Smart Detect, CUE automations, and more.

    How much does the Standard Plan Cost?
    View our plan and pricing details here.

    How does billing work?
    Plans can be billed on a monthly basis, or an annual basis at a cost savings.

    Can I use 24/7 Video Recording with the Standard Plan?
    No, the Standard Plan does not include 24/7 Video Recording, however 24/7 Video Recording plan can be enabled as an add-on to the Standard Plan. You can learn more here.

    Can I take advantage of integrations without a plan?
    Yes, you can. All of our integrations like HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant, Sonos, and more are available without a plan totally free.

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